FAQ: Team Selections & Practices

The practices for teams in grades 2-8 are once a week for one hour on a weeknight between 6:00-9:00 at a Howard County public school. Time and place to be determined by gym availability and team assignment, which will not be known until December.

One game per week will be played at a Howard County Public School on Saturdays for boys and Sundays for girls typically, exceptions could be made for weather and gym availability. Again time and location subject to gym availability and team assignment.

High school teams do not have assigned practices times, but are scheduled to play one game each weekend (barring inclement weather days or other school closures), usually on Sundays. Clinic teams are scheduled for one 60-90 minute session each weekend (barring inclement weather days or other closures), on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the league schedules and gym availabilities.

After Registration closes, EVERY player will be evaluated by the Coaches (except for the clinic teams); the Age Group Commissioner will coordinate the Evaluation process.   (This is NOT A TRYOUT, it is an evaluation.)

Team assignments are based on a Draft conducted by the Coaches and coordinated by the Age Group Commissioner at the conclusion of the Evaluations.  EVERY player will be assigned to a team.

The goal is to have a balanced league with all different skill levels on each team.

For further information, contact:

Jeffrey Komin
Recreation Leagues Commissioner
HCYP Basketball