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An announcement regarding the 2021 basketball season for  HCYP Middle School/Travel Leagues will be made this week.  Registrants will receive the announcement by email, which also will be made on this site. Coaches should be in touch with the Middle School/travel Commissioner, Anthony Fulmore, for details.

All Players selected for a team should contact their Head Coach for all information regarding the current season.

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For further Information Contact:

Anthony Fulmore
Middle School and Travel Basketball

Greetings HCYP Middle School & Travel Basketball Family!

First off, I would like to welcome you all back as we plan to have the 2020-2021 HCYP season this year. I am contacting everyone to update you on the status regarding this upcoming season and the pandemic we are currently facing. The administration of HCYP including myself have been monitoring the situation closely. I look at this season going in a positive direction and still making it work as we are still under the COVID restrictions. Basketball is a big deal for our youth and we want to see great things from any kid that wants to improve their game to be successful. If we work together, follow the protocols then we should get some good results by keeping the numbers down. I am confident that not only will it be challenging this season but I expect a great season and to see our youth have fun in our program!

We have been looking at different options while still practicing social distancing with masks but as a family, we need to follow the COVID guidelines as this is a very serious matter to all of us. Stay home if you are sick, wear a mask if possible, and stay six feet apart from each other. If we follow these guidelines, we will all have a chance to be part of the solution while we practice social distancing. We will be posting some drills and fundamentals on the HCYP website. Also, follow our social media on Instagram and twitter HCYPHOOPS.

Our current plan is to follow the Howard County Public School System. As we monitor this matter, we hope things will start to open up sooner than later.  We look forward to playing ball again and watching the kids PLAY.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

In the meantime, stay safe, keep working on your game and be ready to come back bigger and stronger.

See you all soon!


Anthony Fulmore
Middle School & Travel Teams
HCYP Basketball


HCYP Middle School Basketball

The HCYP Basketball Middle School League is advanced competition designed for boys and girls in grades 6 - 8 and provides an environment which allows for further development of players in a safe, fun and competitive league. While HCYP Basketball encourages all our teams to play hard and win, the primary focus is to have fun and continue to build on the fundamentals of basketball.

Middle School teams may also play in other area leagues and tournaments, including the HCYP Basketball Sunday Travel League, as directed by the team’s head coach.

HCYP Middle School teams are not recreation teams but are teams assembled by middle school attendance. One team in both the boys’ and girls’ division is composed of players whose middle school does not have an HCYP Basketball team that represents them. This team is generally called Howard United.

Note: HCYP Basketball Middle School teams are part of the HCYP Basketball program and are not part of the middle school or the Howard County Public School System.


Athletes for any Middle school/Travel league that are participating in our HCYP program play an integral part in the program. Players have the opportunity to participate in one of the greatest sports and programs with great coaches who will teach the game of basketball, develop/improve time management skills, build confidence with the player, and most importantly to learn that good sportsmanship means winning and losing with grace and dignity. As my first year as League Commissioner, I have confidence that this program will run not only smoothly but with all of us working together to keep the program running to make sure our athletes get the best guidance from our coaches. I am excited that we are having a season and looking forward to seeing great things from our great athletes. Have a good season and good luck! - Anthony Fulmore

2020 HCYP Middle School Leagues Champs!

2020 Girls Middle School Varsity Champions!

Wilde Lake Middle School

2020 Boys Middle School Varsity Champions!

Folly Quarter Middle School






2020 Boys Middle School Junior Varsity Champions!

Wilde Lake Middle School