Bonnie Branch Middle School 
HCYP Girls Varsity MS Champions 2019!
Bonnie Branch Middle School HCYP Girls Varsity MS Champions 2019!
Thomas Viaduct Middle School
HCYP Boys Varsity MS Champions 2019!
Thomas Viaduct Middle School HCYP Boys Varsity MS Champions 2019!
Glenwood Middle School
HCYP Boys JV MS Champions 2019!
Glenwood Middle School HCYP Boys JV MS Champions 2019!

Middle School Basketball

The HCYP Basketball Middle School League is advanced competition designed for boys and girls in grades 6 - 8 and provides an environment which allows for further development of players in a safe, fun and competitive league. While HCYP Basketball encourages all our teams to play hard and win, the primary focus is to have fun and continue to build on the fundamentals of basketball.

Middle School teams may also play in other area leagues and tournaments, including the HCYP Basketball Sunday Travel League, as directed by the team’s head coach.

HCYP Middle School teams are not recreation teams but are teams assembled by middle school attendance. One team in both the boys’ and girls’ division is composed of players whose middle school does not have an HCYP Basketball team that represents them. This team is generally called Howard United.

Note: HCYP Basketball Middle School teams are part of the HCYP Basketball program and is not part of the middle school or the Howard County Public School System.

The Middle School League is divided into two sub-divisions, East and West. These divisions are further divided into two levels, Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV). HCYP Basketball Middle School teams will play in the Saturday Middle School League, which will start in December. Only HCYP Basketball middle school teams will play in this league.

The HCYP Basketball Middle School League will be divided into Varsity and Junior Varsity sub-divisions based on current school year grade and level of play. Eighth grade players (8th grade) are not allowed to play in the Junior Varsity sub-division. In addition, the league will be further divided into geographic divisions.

West Division

  • Mt. View Middle School
  • Glenwood Middle School
  • Folly Quarter Middle School
  • Burleigh Manor Middle School
  • Harper's Choice Middle School
  • Wilde Lake Middle School
  • Clarksville Middle School
  • Dunloggin Middle School
  • Lime Kiln Middle School

East Division

  • Ellicott Mills Middle School
  • Bonnie Branch Middle School
  • Oakland Mills Middle School
  • Lake Elkhorn Middle School
  • Mayfield Woods Middle School
  • Elkridge Landing Middle School
  • Patuxent Valley Middle School
  • Patapsco Middle School
  • Murray Hill Middle School

Team Tryouts

Tryouts well be held from September to early-October at a local Howard County Gymnasium. The time and location of these tryouts will be posted on this website and will be announced by the head coach. We also encourage parents/players to email the coach directly at the school you are attending to be included on their emailing list for tryout updates; coaches email addresses are listed on this page.

All prospective players must attend all tryouts unless directed otherwise by the coach.



  • Players must demonstrate a commitment to their Team and the HCYP Program.
  • Players must be IN COMPLIANCE with the HCYP Middle School & Travel Eligibility requirement.
  • Players must play on the team for which they are selected and cannot request specific team placement. The exception to this commitment, is players on the Howard United Middle School team basketball teams
  • Once a player is ROSTERED (selected to a team), they cannot opt out of playing for that team. If a player chooses to opt out, the player cannot participate in any HCYP program for the current year. In addition, the player will not be permitted to try-out for Travel Basketball the following year. Further if a player opts out after the team selection process, the registration fee will NOT be refunded. This does not apply to an injured player.
  • Earning a position on a travel or middle school team does not guarantee an automatic position in future years. All players must tryout in subsequent years.
  • Attendance at practices and tournaments is mandatory, unless the coach permits the absence.

Note: Travel and Middle School team players MAY NOT participate simultaneously in the HCYP Recreational Program or for another travel team.

Player Fees: The per-player registration fee for all travel and middle school players for the 2019-2020 season is $300.00.  Included in this fee are registration for one HCYP Basketball league and  the Mid-Atlantic Hoops Classic II fall tournament. There are no refunds after teams are formed.


For further Information Contact:

Anthony Fulmore
Middle School and Travel Basketball