Welcome to HCYP Elite Basketball!

An announcement regarding the 2021 basketball season for  HCYP Middle School/Travel Leagues will be made this week.  Registrants will receive the announcement by email, which also will be made on this site. Coaches should be in touch with the Middle School/travel Commissioner, Anthony Fulmore, for details.

All players and parents should contact the Head Coach for their team regarding all season schedules and activities.

Current Travel Teams & Head Coach Contacts:

Girls Elite Travel

Fourth Grade

Head Coach: Charles Franz
Email Address: cfranz1980@gmail.com

Boys Elite Travel

Fifth Grade Elite
Head Coach: Brian Keeton
Email Address: Brian.Keeton@gmail.com

Seventh Grade Elite
Head Coach: Steve Smith
Email Address: spsjr@hotmail.com

Eighth Grade Elite
Head Coach: Frank Dreisch
Email Address: Frank.dreisch@lawsonproducts.com

Eighth Grade Force
Head Coach: Joe Mccann
Email Address: Joemccann93@yahoo.com

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For further Information Contact:

Anthony Fulmore
Middle School and Travel Basketball

2020 HCYP Basketball travel Leagues Champions!

2020 Travel A Champions!

HCYP 7th Grade Elite

2020 Travel B Champions!

HCYP 7th Grade Force