HCPSS Inclement Weather Line: (410) 313-6827.

HCPSS Lockout Contact: (443) 472-5969

The HCPSS Inclement Weather Line is updated on weekends by 7:00 AM. Closures announced at that time mean all games scheduled at HCPSS schools that day are cancelled. If inclement weather closings take effect while games are in progress, all games after the current games in progress are completed will be cancelled for that day. Games in progress will be allowed to be completed. Check the HCPSS inclement Weather Line the following day at 7:00 AM to see if the gyms will be opened or closed for that day.

HCYP Basketball Middle School & Travel Team Coaches

Volunteer Middle School & Travel League Basketball Coach Requirements

Howard County Youth Program, Inc. (HCYP)

Howard County, MD

The ideal HCYP Basketball head coach candidate will be a strong, energetic person with leadership skills who instills character development and provides direction to student athletes so that they may achieve a high level of skill as well as an appreciation for discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork in basketball.

All HCYP Basketball coaches are volunteers responsible for selecting, coaching and managing their teams. Coaches are selected and confirmed or reconfirmed for each basketball season, which runs from May 1 – April 30 each year.  No coach may continue in the capacity as an HCYP Basketball coach until they are confirmed or reconfirmed for the new season.

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Mandatory COACH Application:
HCYP Basketball Middle School & Travel Coaches

All HCYP Basketball Middle School & Travel Coaches are required to fill out, sign and submit The Howard County Youth Program (HCYP) Volunteer Basketball Coach Application and agreements to HCYP Basketball's codes of conduct and ethics for themselves, players and parents.

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