2024-2025 Registration is
 Now open!
Fees remain the same as last season:

K1- and Advanced Clinics: $180.00  | Early Bird Special - $160.00

Grades 3-8: $190.00 | Early Bird Special - $170.00

High School Leagues: $180.00 | Early Bird Special - $160.00

Early Bird Special through June 30, 2024

Check Out HCYP Basketball's Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about the Basketball Program.

have a great, safe Year!

About the New 2024-2025 Basketball Season

HCYP Basketball has streamlined the organization of its recreation leagues for the 2024-2025 winter season to allow maximum opportunity for game play in all leagues.  

  • K-1 Clinic League: This league will continue to hold 90-minute sessions each weekend (boys leagues on Saturdays, girls leagues on Sundays) in school gyms equipped specifically for clinic basketball play.  Two teams will share a two-court gym and practice skills development for the first half of the session than scrimmage each other for the last half.
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  • 2nd Grade Advanced Clinic: Following the same basic structure as the K-1 Clinics, the advanced clinic will include 90-minute sessions each weekend combining practice for the first half of the session with competitive game play for the second half.  Coaches will referee the games as a way of providing constant hands-on instruction and skills development guidance during game play.
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  • Grades 3 - 8: Teams in these leagues are drafted from evaluations and play competitive games each weekend with rules that are customized for each league and to ensure equal playing time for all players.  Two experienced referees are scheduled for each game.  The Girls Division will combine grades 6-8 in one middle school recreation league, with all players evaluated and each team chosen to ensure parity and competitive balance of teams and optimum game playing enjoyment for all participants.  Practices:  All teams in these leagues will be assigned one practice in a local school gym each week on a weeknight.
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  • High School Leagues:  The high school leagues will again feature separate boys junior varsity (grade 9-10) and varsity divisions (grades 11-12) and one combined division for girls in grades 9-12.  All players will be evaluated and teams drafted to help ensure competitive parity throughout each league. All teams will be scheduled to play games on Sundays pending gym availabilities; historically, these leagues do not have scheduled practices.


Registration Deadlines
Note: Registration will close once a league reaches its full capacity.  All applicable practices and game schedules will be subject to the allotments issued to HCYP Basketball by the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS).

» K-1 Clinic: November 24, 2024.

» 2nd Grade Advanced Clinic: November 24, 2024.

» Grades 3 - 8:  October 7, 2024.

» High School Leagues: December 1, 2024.

Financial Aid is available for all qualifying players and families.  The application process is now fully online and easily accessible.  Click here to apply....

Let's Play Basketball!

Rules of the Games
Special Emphasis on No-Tolerance Conduct

For information about specific recreation leagues or for overall recreation league matters, you may contact  the HCYP Basketball Program Director, Bj Borden at bj@hcypbasketball.org.

Note Regarding HCYP Middle School and Travel Teams:  HCYP Basketball Middle School and Travel teams are managed separately by the MS/Travel Commissioner and the teams' head coaches in collaboration with public and private gym facilities.  Each team's head coach should be contacted for further information.

Concussion training Now Required of All Coaches!

Keeping children and teens healthy and safe is always a top priority. Whether you are a head coach or assistant coach, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of your players at all times in games and practices, and that includes special attention to preventing the incurrence of concussions and recognizing their symptoms.

Check out the CDC Heads Up Concussion information on this HCYP Basketball website at Coaches' Corner (click here for details). All head coaches and assistant coaches are are required to take the CDC Concussion Training Program before you can begin coaching your teams.

Important Concussion Information for Parents is available by clicking here or choosing the parent concussion fact sheet from the Recreation drop-down menu.  Parents may also take the CDC concussion training program by clicking on the concussion links in Coaches' Corner.


For information regarding HCYP Recreation Basketball, contact:

BJ Borden
HCYP Basketball Program Director


News and Announcements

New Basketball Website

Welcome to the new HCYP Basketball website! Here you can easily navigate to the areas of your specific interests and easily register for the divisions in which your child wishes to participate. Take time to peruse the website and contact us if you have any questions at Connect@hcypbasketball.org.