HCPSS Inclement Weather Line: (410) 313-6827.

HCPSS Lockout Contact: (443) 472-5969

The HCPSS Inclement Weather Line is updated on weekends by 7:00 AM. Closures announced at that time mean all games scheduled at HCPSS schools that day are cancelled. If inclement weather closings take effect while games are in progress, all games after the current games in progress are completed will be cancelled for that day. Games in progress will be allowed to be completed. Check the HCPSS inclement Weather Line the following day at 7:00 AM to see if the gyms will be opened or closed for that day.

Welcome to 2019-2020 Winter HCYP Basketball!!!

Have a Great Season!

Notice: Practice allotments are based on gym permits allocated to HCYP Basketball from Howard County Public School System (HCPSS).  HCYP Basketball traditionally provides one hour or practice per team per week for grades 2-8.  There have been continuing issues with HCPSS this season over fair gym allotments  throughout the county, and every effort is being made to ensure HCYP Basketball teams have their fair share this season.  From time to time, individual schools may cancel one or more permit dates  due to a school event, repair, etc., which could result in cancellation of practice for the times affected. However, HCYP Basketball will seek alternative practice locations if made available by HCPSS. If you have any questions about practice assignments, please contact your respective league commissioner.

League Play: The winter recreation basketball season will officially began the weekend of December 7 - 8 for boys and girls in grades 2-12.  Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays through February/March each weekend, except for the December holiday weekends, at HCPSS gyms throughout Howard County. Schedules vary by league. Boys and girls clinic leagues run from the weekend of January 4-5 through early March. Boys' clinics are held on Saturdays, and girls' clinics are held on Sundays. All boys and high school games are played on Sundays.

The HCYP Winter Basketball Program is the largest, on-season, winter basketball program in Howard County. HCYP Basketball's primary objective is to provide all youth in its program with a safe, healthy, productive and constructive environment in which to learn, play and compete in the great game of basketball. Personal development, teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized at all times by all participants including the coaches, parents, players and officials.


This is the HCYP Recreation Basketball program, providing clinic and competitive basketball play for boys and girls in grades 1-12. HCYP Recreation Basketball is the largest youth basketball program in the region, designed to engage youths through all level of basketball play from elementary grades through high school. It is divided between boys and girls leagues in the following groupings:

Clinics: This is for all youths in the first grade. However, if a child is at least five years old and is in kindergarten, he or she may register to play in the clinic league. Here, players begin learning the fundamental skills of playing the sport in specially equipped gyms that allow for basket adjustments and custom clinic basketball training. Players are chosen onto teams that work together each weekend for a session that includes skill training and game time scrimmages. Two teams are scheduled at a time on adjacent full courts in specially designed school gyms for one 90-minute practice each weekend that are conducted by the coaches of each team. Medallions are earned by all participants who complete the season.

Note: Registration for the clinic leagues will close on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. There is no wait list after registration closes.  For further information, contact the high school league commissioner, Michael Santoni at hoopstersantoni@gmail.com.

Grades 2 - 8 Leagues: These are competitive leagues which are officiated by trained basketball referees supported by rules which are customized for each grade level (HCYP Basketball Rules of the Game). Soon after registration closes, all registered players are contacted by a coach of his or her respective league for evaluations which will be held in a local school gym. Once evaluations are held, the coaches assemble to pick their teams. After the teams have been chosen, each coach will call all players on their team to welcome them onto the team and provide details for their practice and game schedules. Practices will start in early November with the first games being played in December. The regular season ends in late February followed by single-elimination playoffs and the league’s All Stars game. Trophies are awarded to the regular season and playoff champions.

Note: Registration for grades 2-8 recreation leagues closed Sunday, October 20, 2019. Please contact the respective league commissioner for any questions. (See "Recreation Leagues Commissioners" list in the Recreation dropdown menu.)

High School Leagues: Grades 9-12: These are competitive leagues for high school boys and girls that play games on Sundays starting in mid-December and run through early March with playoffs. These players will be contacted by a league coach for evaluations to be held on Saturday, November 23. followed by the start of games on December 8. High school teams do not practice; however, they are scheduled for weekly games each Sunday starting in December through the playoffs in March.

Note: Registration for the high school leagues will close on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. There is no wait list after registration closes.



A player may not register for recreation basketball if he or she plans to try out for or play
for a HCYP Basketball travel or middle school team or any other travel team. Selection of all HCYP Basketball travel and middle school teams will be selected well before registration concludes for the recreation basketball program, providing ample time
should you decide to register for recreation basketball. If you do register for the recreation basketball program and then end up playing for a travel or middle school
team, any refund shall be subject to the HCYP Basketball refund policy stated in
the registration waiver and HCYP Basketball’s FAQs. The recreation registration fee cannot be transferred to an HCYP Middle School or Travel basketball team.

For information regarding HCYP Recreation Basketball, contact:

Jeff Komin
Recreation Leagues Commissioner


News and Announcements

New Basketball Website

Welcome to the new HCYP Basketball website! Here you can easily navigate to the areas of your specific interests and easily register for the divisions in which your child wishes to participate. Take time to peruse the website and contact us if you have any questions at Connect@hcypbasketball.org.