HCYP Basketball Refund Policy, 2024-2025

Following is the HCYP Basketball Refund Policy. This policy is also agreed to by or on behalf of all registrants during  registration.


The 2024-2025 HCYP Winter Basketball season is being provided to enable a maximum number of youth basketball players to participate in clinic and competitive basketball in as safe and healthy environment as possible while enjoying the recreational and developmental benefits of the sport. HCYP Basketball is in continuous collaboration with and adherence to local and state guidelines and protocols regarding participation in public events and activities and will communicate all such policies and procedures to all participants in its programs.

Because spaces for participants are limited, it is understood and agreed that the registrant will fill one of a limited number of registrations in the HCYP Basketball winter program in the recreation, middle school and or travel programs. Once the registrant reserves a space, it can preclude registration of another player in the league.

The registrant(s), including the registrant's parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s), understands that no refunds will be eligible for issue once the respective player's/players' registration(s) has/have been completed, notwithstanding the following exemptions:

·        Any occurrence or local/state policy change preventing the basketball season from occurring due to local health and safety regulations or other force majeure will result in full refunds of the registration fees paid by all registrants.

·        This refund policy may be exempted if the registrant moves out of the local region beyond Howard County, incurs a medical condition disqualifying him or her from participating, or force majeure. After the teams are chosen and the registrant is placed on a team, this exemption shall no longer apply. A refund application will be provided for those who feel one of these exemptions may apply.

·        After registering and accepting this HCYP Basketball refund policy as stated, personal decisions to not play for various reasons shall not be eligible for a refund. HCYP Basketball's health protocols and thorough safety measures will be clearly laid out and strictly followed throughout the season as best as possible. These policies will be visibly published on the HCYP Basketball website, www.hcypbasketball.org, and emailed to all registrants' and staff's email addresses provided to HCYP Basketball during the registration process as needed.

Furthermore, any change in HCYP's Basketball policy or operations due to change in local, state and/or Federal policy and regulations, as well as any changes in practice or game schedules due to inclement weather, Howard County Public Schools gym use policies and management or other reasons beyond the HCYP Basketball program's control, shall not exempt any registrant from this refund policy nor constitute a reason for a refund, in full or in part.

Any registrant who feels they are not or may not be comfortable with this HCYP Basketball Refund Policy and/or HCYP Basketball's adherence to local health and safety protective measures are advised not to register.

All refunds may be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee at the sole discretion of HCYP Basketball management should a refund be approved. HCYP Basketball reserves the right to issue a site credit, instead of a payment refund, that can be applied toward any future HCYP Basketball program or event.

Once registration closes, no refunds will be issued except in extenuating circumstances with the approval of HCYP Basketball management.


It is and shall be HCYP Basketball's top priority to ensure the health and safety of all program participants in a manner to maximize everyone's enjoyment of the game of basketball during the season.

For further information about HCYP Basketball Leagues administration and league policies, please contact the coach or league commissioner for the league(s) in which you are interested. Have a safe season!

HCYP Basketball Administration