Important Health & Safety Protocols

In order to safely present the 2020-2021 during the global pandemic, HCYP Basketball will strictly follow health and safety guidelines and procedures for all practices and games in accordance with local and state health regulations and recommended practices, as well as common sense practices.  It is HCYP Basketball's first and foremost priority and policy to ensure maximum safety and protection for all participants.

Because basketball is primarily an indoor activity, HCYP Basketball activities must be conducted with extra precautionary measures to ensure its health and safety objectives are fully met during this time.

It should be noted that Middle School and Travel teams will hold practices under special conditions that follow CDC-recommended protocols. The head coach for each team will ensure these guidelines are followed. All middle school players and their parents or legal guardians will receive specific guidelines from their team's head coach.

Recreation teams will not be assigned practice times this season due to strict policies and procedures in place by the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) regarding use of facilities before on-campus classes resume in January 2021.  Policy regarding use of school gym facilities after students return to campus has not yet been determined.

What to Expect...

All HCYP Basketball sanctioned games -- including recreation, middle and travel leagues -- will be guided by the same health and safety policy.

Team Tryouts (Outdoors): Middle School & Travel

Unless otherwise noted, all HCYP middle school and travel team tryouts will be held on the outdoor courts specified by each team. In accordance with HCYP Basketball Health & Safety Covid Policy, the head coach must ensure proper distancing is maintained by all participants during instructional sessions, and the coach must wear a mask when in close proximity to the players or parents in attendance.

In addition:

  • Only one parent per player may attend a tryout and must wear a mask and maintain a six-foot distance from any other parent, coach, another player or others in attendance.
  • The head coach or designated team staff will ask everyone, upon their arrival, if they have any symptoms of illness -- including a temperature above 99.9ºF, sore throat, nausea and/or loss of sense of taste or smell.  If so, they will not be allowed to attend the tryout.
  • No more than ten players may be inside a half-court section during tryouts.
  • Players must wear masks when arriving at and departing tryouts.
  • Players not on the court must maintain approximately six-feet distance from other players and non-parents.

NOTE: Recreation teams, including clinics, will not require tryouts or in-person evaluations for team selection this season. You will be contacted by the league commissioner or coach for your team selection after registration closes.


All HCYP Basketball-sanctioned games and league activity will follow strict health and safety guidelines, in adherence to related local and state Covid regulations and protocols, to ensure maximum protection, recreational enjoyment and competitive sports participation for everyone. Following are the current special guidelines for game play for the 2020-2021 HCYP Basketball winter basketball season:

  • Team Selection (Recreation Teams):  A maximum of nine (9) players may be selected to a team in grades 2-8. A maximum of ten (10) players may be selected to a clinic team or high school team. Middle School and Travel Teams may have up to a maximum of twelve (12) players per team, and must follow the same procedures and protocols for practices as well as for all games controlled and administered by HCYP Basketball.
  • Game Attendance: Only the designated coach, players and one parent for each player of each team will be allowed entry into the gym to play each game.  The teams and spectators must clear the gym before the next teams and their spectators are allowed to enter the gym.
  • Social Distancing: Coaches will be required to maintain reasonable distancing with the players and wear a mask when coaching them in proximity. Players will be seated six feet apart on the bench during games. Players, coaches and spectators of the following game may wait outside of the gym and observe appropriate social distancing, including space required to allow current participants to leave the gym before entering.
  • Protective Masks: Everyone must wear a protective mask when they enter the buildings and the gyms.  Masks must be worn by all non-players at all times while in the building and the gym while in the proximity of others. Coaches may remove their mask to coach during games and will be responsible to observe proper distancing from players, referees and scorekeepers at all times.  Players may remove their masks after arriving at their bench for warm-ups and game play, as well as when sitting on the bench at a proper distance from others.  Masks must be worn by all attendants when the game is over and as they prepare to leave and vacate the gym.
  • Screening Upon Entry: In addition to wearing a mask upon entry to the building, all participants will receive a temperature check by authorized HCYP Basketball staffbefore they can proceed. A non-contact thermometer will be used. This will apply to everyone who enters the building, including referees and staff. Any person who checks in with an abnormal temperature will not be allowed to proceed into the facility.
  • Communications: HCYP Basketball will constantly monitor all local safety and health procedures and protocols and communicate any concordant changes to all participants directly via email notices and as published on the HCYP Basketball website.
  • Staff Presence: Authorized HCYP Basketball staff will on site for all games to ensure established safety procedures are followed and to address any questions or concerns that may arise.


Important Covid Links:

Click Here to Visit the Maryland Covid-19 Data Website for Information Regarding Local and State Protocols.

For more details you may also visit:  CDC Facts About Coronavirus.

For More Information Contact:

BJ Borden
Director of Basketball Operations
Howard County Youth Program, Inc.